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Invest in digital assets without the complex tech

Cincinnati Crypto Fund is a traditional Limited Partnership (LP) fund that provides accredited and institutional investors with exposure to the volatility of the digital asset market via a risk adjusted multi-strat model without the complexity and risks of day-to-day management of the technology.

About CCF

Bridging the gap.

We help non-technical individual investors invest in digital assets and cryptocurrency markets without needing the technical skills required for management and trading.


Why CCF?

Our goal is to provide investors with exposure to the high return potential of digital asset and cryptocurrency volatility through a risk-adjusted traditional LP fund structure while also maintaining a high degree of liquidity.


Digital assets and cryptocurrencies represent a significant opportunity for returns based on active trading against market volatility


Due to the nature of digital asset and cryptocurrency market liquidity, CCF provides investors with a much shorter liquidity window than traditional LP portfolio investing.


The highly fractionalized nature of digital assets and cryptocurrencies represents an opportunity to maintain a diverse portfolio of value.

How we invest

We bring the right people, partners and strategy together to drive returns across several categories.


An actively traded cryptocurrency portfolio provides the core basis of CCF’s investing strategy. With our trading partners we are able to provide smaller check individual investors with exposure to sophisticated strategies normally requiring institutional levels of commitment.

Asset-backed Tokens

As asset-backed tokens continue to make their way into capital markets, these “stablecoins” represent significant growth opportunities across multiple asset classes.

Enabling Technologies

Investing in the core infrastructure that enables the transformation of financial services and capital markets presents opportunities for venture capital types of returns.

Our Team

Investment expertise meets technology expertise

Robert Buechner

Robert Buechner

Managing Partner
Stacey Strasser

Stacey Strasser

Kevin Bass

Kevin Bass

Michael Hiles

Michael Hiles

Partner / Technical Advisor